Facial Laser Surgery

Facial Laser Surgery

Facial laser surgery can dramatically improve your looks. But facial laser surgery should be performed by an experienced surgeon. How many times have you stood in front of the mirror wishing that you could simply do something to look and feel better. How many times you thought that some miraculous facial laser surgery could do that. Before the 1980s, such an idea seemed ridiculous. Now, it''s not only possible, but it''s usually painless, and can produce spectacular results.

Facial laser surgery and chin reductions are sometimes needed to create the best look.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons reports that 72 percent of people who consult cosmetic surgeons do so because they''re interested in facial work. The reason is simple - the face is the most visible part of the body. Whether we like it or not, we''re judged by first impressions, and our faces tell the stories of our lives. In 1996, over half a million individuals had some kind of facial laser surgery, some involving a hospital stay and many using general anesthesia. Facial laser peeling, by contrast, can be done in one afternoon in a doctor''s office. Local anesthesia can be used if the doctor is an expert in the use of tumescent anesthesia. The results are generally excellent, and the recovery is quite manageable.

Patients desire facial laser surgery for a variety of reasons: most often for wrinkles, acne scarring, discoloration, and other skin imperfections. Most of our patients choose to treat the entire face, but some have work done only around the eyes or the mouth. Either way, if done skillfully, laser peeling can produce remarkable improvements.

We are in this field since the last decade. If you need a facial laser surgery do not hesitate to consult us. We will see that you get a great facial laser surgery.

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